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Participants receiving services from the agency are protected by specific rights as listed in Clients Rights. A grievance may be filled at any time which shall be resolved in a responsive and impartial manner, and in accordance with the following procedure

The peer-led recovery community organization values every peer's right to privacy. For this reason, peers are expected to respect any confidential information that may be obtained from observations, conversations, correspondence and any other
sources. Even casual remarks can be misinterpreted and repeated. Therefore, our peers are requested to not discuss any confidential information with others at the recovery community space or outside of the recovery community space. All peers"! records shall be considered confidential and cannot be released without the written approval of the specific peer.


  1. Any employee, board of directors, volunteer, or community member will agree to maintain confidentiality.

  2. An individual who breaches the Confidentiality Policy shall be given a verbal warning. Any staff, board of directors, leadership board member or volunteer may issue a verbal warning and will notify the Executive Director of the violation. If the person commits a second violation within a 12-month period, the Executive Director will issue that person a written warning and the person will sign as acknowledgment.

  3. A person who has been warned about violating confidentiality shall follow the Grievance procedure to resolve the issue.

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