Values & Code of Ethics

For community leaders drafted by community leaders.

Drafted by the O.U.R. Place Leadership Board 02/25/2020.

O.U.R. Place Values:

  • Recovery

  • Support

  • Confidentiality & Trust

  • Compassion

  • Acceptance of Diversity

  • Encouragement•

  • Empowerment•

  • Respect•

  • Honesty & Integrity •

  • Safety•

  • Accountability•

  • Positivity

O.U.R. Place Code of Ethics:

  1. Alcohol, drugs and any elicit non-medically indicated substances and paraphernalia are prohibited. Using, selling, buying or trading any of these in O.U.R. Place spaces is not acceptable under any circumstances. *

  2. Violence of any kind is strictly prohibited. *

  3. Weapons and Firearms are NOT permitted at OUR functions. *

  4. Abusive and Harmful Language and Behaviors are not acceptable (excessive gossip and

    dishonesty are included.).

  5. Sexual Harassment and/or Misconduct is unacceptable. *

  6. Treat one another with mutual respect.

  7. Adhere to OUR confidentiality policy.

  8. Value diversity and non-discrimination.

  9. Respect and value ALL pathways to Recovery.

PLEASE NOTE: * Denotes guidelines for which violation may likely result in suspension from O.U.R. Place activities and events, followed by a probationary period upon return.

O.U.R. Place Ethics Violation Procedure:

  1. Peer Mediation / Conflict Resolution

  2. Specific Interventions / Peer Support

  3. Verbal Warning

  4. Written Warning

  5. Suspension from Program Participation / "Timeout“