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Participants receiving services from the agency are protected by specific rights as listed in Client Rights. A grievance may be filled at any time which shall be resolved in a responsive and impartial manner, and in accordance with the following procedure.


1.Any participant at the agency may file a grievance with the Leadership Board or the Board of Directors within a reasonable period of time from the date the grievance occurred. Grievance must include, if available, the date, approximate time, description of the incident/issue, and names of individuals involved in the incident or situation being grieved. All grievances shall be in writing and dated and signed by the participant.

2. Lindsay Washington shall be the designated Client Rights Officer (CRO) for the agency. The alternate shall be the Recovery Support Supervisor or other person designated by the Executive Director. The CRO or alternate CRO shall comply with the grievance policy and procedure. Peer Support shall assist participant in filing a grievance, if needed, and shall be available to represent the griever upon request. The written grievance is to be given to the Client Rights/Grievance Officer Lindsay Washington:\

or mailed to: Open United Recovery Place/ 2659 Oh Route 59/ Ravenna, Ohio 44266

3. Upon receiving a grievance, the Client Rights Officer shall investigate the complaint and obtain a prompt resolution. A written statement of the results is given to the participant or designated representative.


4. The Client Rights Officer shall promptly gather facts from the participant and within three working days shall provide the participant with written acknowledgement that the grievance has been received. The written acknowledgement shall include the date the grievance was received, a summary of the grievance, an overview of the grievance investigation process, a timetable for completion of investigation and notification of resolution, and agency contact name, address, and telephone number. All other parties shall be contacted, and attempts shall be made for a quick resolution. A written statement of the results shall be given to the participant.


5. In a crisis or emergency situation, the participant shall be verbally advised of at least the immediate pertinent rights. A written copy and full verbal explanation of the client rights policy shall be given a subsequent meeting.


6. Resolution of the grievance shall be made within twenty (20) working days from the date the grievance has been filed. Any extenuating circumstances indicating that this time period will need to be extended must be documented in the grievance file and written notification given to the peer.


7. Any relevant information about the grievance shall be made available, upon written request and the participant!s permission, to the contacted organizations listed in Item 9.


8. The agency shall keep records of grievances it receives, the type of grievances and the resolution status of the grievance. It shall also assure the availability of these records for review by Portage County Mental Health and Recovery Board and the department of Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS).


9. The agency grievance procedures shall be available upon request.


10. The agency shall annually summarize its records to include the number of grievances received, types of grievances, and the resolution status. This summary shall be shared with the Agency Board of Directors.

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